Cyprus’s goal is to deliver high quality cross-border healthcare for its citizens living abroad and visiting citizens from other EU Member States. Furthermore, due to the fact of being a tourist destination it’s reasonable to expect that deployment of cross border services will influence on economic growth. In summer season, Cyprus can predict that the usage of this service will be on a daily basis. Making country safer and environment patient friendly, Cyprus is improving daily life not only for its own citizens, but also for citizens from EU countries.

Concretely, when a citizen makes an unplanned cross-border healthcare visit to a health provider in the European Union, the health professional will have access to the person’s Patient Summary and other relevant Electronic Health Record documents.

On the other hand, services ePrescription and eDispensation support the concept that a patient being abroad can receive the equivalent medication treatment that would receive in his/her home country. This means that this service aims the cross border dispensing of ePrescriptions and support the documentation of dispensed drugs. Using Dispensation data from the dispensing pharmacy in the country of temporary stay, the health services, in the home country, can update the medication record of the patient, making health care and prescriptions safer.

Reimbursement services are out of scope of this call and will be solved via a different channel. Therefore, Cyprus will use CEF funds to support cross-border ePrescription/eDispensation service and to facilitate medical interventions with cross border Patient Summary usage, both developed under the epSOS and EXPAND project.